Choosing a billing company might be difficult for you.

So what is different with PRAMAX?

Dedicated Account Manager

We are different, our account managers are not overburdened to manage multiple accounts under them hence, your account gets the desired attention and proper management.


We take the time to listen to your needs and challenges and provide a customized solution. Remember we are not just a billing company that files your claims, we are professionals with required expertise to help you with the business side of your practice.

constant communication

The number one reason for physicians’ frustration with their billing company is lack of communication. With us, there is no 800 number or help desk that makes you open a ticket and takes its time to work on your problem. Our dedicated account Manager is fully aware of your billing process and is just an email or a phone call away! In addition, we include a one hour face-to-face meeting with all our clients with an active billing contract monthly in which we provide reports, answer your questions and address all your concerns.